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Forget Fine Project

I’ve always been good at giving advice. I don’t mean gossipy, snobby, “you should be doing it this way” advice, more like mentoring advice, encouragement, guidance - the beautiful side of advice. In middle school my two best friends printed out a certificate and gave it to me for being the best “advice giver” - they both signed it with “psychos” under their names. This is an innate strength of mine - a strength that I’ve only very recently realized is not common, something that is uniquely mine. In my current work, I feel like I am great at teaching others how to do my job. I give my coworkers the BEST advice, guidance, and suggestions about how to do our job. Every time I share one of these tidbits of wisdom, I say to myself “that was such a good idea!” Quickly followed by “but that’s something I rarely do.” I feel so confident about teaching others how to do something, but doing it myself - eh. I’m usually not quick enough in the moment to remember to do it that way or lack the confidence or motivation to say that or take that action in the moment. It’s so much easier said than done. I’ve heard people say “some people are better doers, some are better leaders” - I think I am a better advisor.

Anyway, that long story brings us to the present situation. I have been wanting to start a business for a long time, most recently working to develop my own coaching business - a way to support others in building self-esteem, self-confidence, strong relationships, and love themselves. A way to help others improve their quality of life. This has been on my mind for years, on my lips and fingertips for the past two years - and was FINALLY born this year! For years it sat there in my brain. I remember my boyfriend calling me out on it, as I was talking about another goal I have had forever. He said “you've had this goal for the past year and half and it’s still the same.” “How rude” I thought, “to point out the truth!” ha ;) I have had so many goals - probably too many goals, too many ideas - and I haven’t done much about them. I hadn’t been all in on any of my goals. I had taken small steps toward these other goals, but no big steps. I thought to myself “What am I doing? Why haven’t I done anything to make these ideas a reality? Is it because I don’t want them enough? Because it’s not what I should be doing? Because I’m lazy? Blah blah blah.” And then I thought, how am I supposed to create a coaching business supporting others in “forgetting fine” and creating a life that excites them when I haven’t been all in to make that happen for myself - when I’ve been fine with the status quo?! This is where it connects to the story at the beginning. Yeah, I may be great at advising others how to do things, but I need to walk the walk if I’m going to talk the talk. And I mean 100%, not just with one foot in. I deserve to get out of autopilot mode and forget fine as much as anyone else!

So that’s why I created the Forget Fine Project.

A community where we can gather together to learn, get support, work on ourselves, develop, grow, and journey to “forget fine.” It is a place for you and me as we learn to forget fine together.

I don’t think there’s ever a finish line. There are lots of milestones and successes along the way as you move through life, but life is full of ups and downs and struggles and challenges and times of joy, amazement, and awe. There will always be times when you fall back into “everything is fine” but taking what you learn here, it will be easier to pull yourself out of that and get back to saying “fuck fine” in no time!

What are you doing to help yourself say “forget fine?” What steps are you intentionally taking to feel amazing every day?

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